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Web Analytics – The Importance of Analysing Your Website Performance

Every website has specific business goals and objectives. Maybe it is to generate leads, sell products or strictly provide information to your end client, you have invested a great deal of money and time into your web solutions. But is your websiteworking effectively?

It probably goes without saying that driving targeted traffic to your business web site is extremely important and many companies and businesses focus (quite rightly) on this aspect. However an often overlooked marketing tool is Web Analytics.

Web Analytics tools can tell you an awful lot of valuable information about your website and your customers and as a result it can be used to improve areas such as your user experience. It can also help to maximise your conversion rates, calculate yourReturn On Investment (ROI), unveil marketing opportunities and help you to understand your customers. For these reasons and more besides, web analytics or web monitoring is a key component to your online success. This is why any business who is serious about their online presence should use the services of an experienced web analytics consultant.

Web Analytics provides you with following key information:

…and much more

If you have ever looked at Google Analytics or any other web monitoring tool you will see a plethora of figures, percentages and statistics that may not mean a lot to the lay person. However to an experienced marketer, web analytics provides vital information which is the window into your website and how it is performing.

When it comes to Google Analytics or other Web Analytics Tools, Cork based ePresence are experts in this field. Using analytics, they can monitor and make suggestions on how to improve your websites capabilities not only to drive more customers through your site, but to increase conversion.

In fact, due to the importance of Web Analytics, Ireland based internet marketing company ePresence say that not harnessing the power of web monitoring tools, is akin to trying to drive to a destination without having a clue about where you are going.

As a business owner, why would you not want to know about what keywords a customer used to find your site? How long they spent on the site and what part of the world they were from? These are all key demographics that can be used in your favour. These findings can be used to tweak and monitor your website in order to truly optimise it.

ePresence understand that many business owners are busy with doing what they do best (running their companies) and as a result don’t necessarily have the time, or indeed the skill set, to be able to spot trends and make changes based on Web Analytics tools. Therefore having a group of professionals that will take charge of this part of your marketing operation is vital.

In essence, Google give you all the tools necessary to be able to maximise your online presence but if you don’t know how to fully utilise these tools to your advantage, then you are always going to be one step behind your competitors. In fact, you can be certain that your competitors will be using every trick in the book (including web analytics!) to see that they appear above you in the search listings and as a result it could be costing you money in lost sales.

ePresence can help in all aspects of internet marketing including web analytics so contact usfor a review of your analytics consulting needs today.

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